The secrets of saving money on your holiday

14/07/2014 15:08

Money for holidaySince the credit crunch hit the UK a few years back, people have had no real option other than to tighten their belts and be more financially savvy in order to make their money stretch further. Just because the UK is now officially out of recession it doesn't mean that we are all ready to go out and spend like there is no tomorrow. We have all learned from our - and other people's - mistakes, and are still looking after the pounds and trying to get the most we can out of our ever-decreasing pay cheques. With that said it doesn't mean that a luxury holiday is completely out of the question. Here are some ways to get the most holiday for your money:

Doing your homework really will pay dividends when it comes to how much money you can save. Unless you are super rich then  may as well save a few hundred pounds on your holiday by dedicating some of your time. Even if you spent a whole day researching holidays and saved £200 that's still a lot more money than most would earn in a day at work, so it's very good going. Research the best deals online and even when you know you've found the best deal, find out how far the airport is from your final destination and how much public transport costs in the area. It may be cheaper to make your own way there than to pay the expensive transfers that some travel agents sell you.

Book early or book late - but not too early or too late! Research has shown that the best time to book a holiday is around 6 to 8 weeks before. Anything earlier than that and the travel agents are not yet panicking that they might not sell the holiday, and anything later will lead to a lot less choice as well as the possibility that you might not be able to get a good deal at all.

Prepare yourself for your holiday. Buy all of your sun cream and anti-bite medication before you go on holiday as it will be a lot cheaper in the UK. Sun cream can cost as much as the equivalent of £20 in some destinations - particularly if there's only a handful of shops in the area. For travel adaptors and other plane accessories look in pound shops and discount shops as opposed to buying them at the airport, as you will find far more choice and for a lot less money as well.