What you should know about getting your Summer holiday cheap

29/07/2014 16:22

With the travel and tourism industry booming, it is literally becoming more and more competitive on a daily basis. This means that as companies fight each other for our custom, they resort to using tactics that save us money in a bid to try and win our business. Over the past few years since the beginning of the recession in the UK the travel and leisure industry has been a cut-throat one with some very large high street names being forced to close their doors as they could not adapt to the modern ways of booking a holiday.

More than 2/3rds of holidays are now booked online which is good news for everyone. It's good news for travel agents as running a websites requires considerably less financial outlay than operating physical stores. It's also good news for us as it means we can shop around and check the prices of multiple holidays in a huge range of destinations from the comfort of our favourite armchair.

High street travel agents

A good tip to get your holiday cheaper than the list price is to do your homework online first. So check all of the latest deals for your holiday destination as well as the time of year that you want to go. Try and get the absolute lowest price you possibly can online. Once you have done this you can then take a printout to your nearest travel agent and ask them if they can match the price. If the travel agent themselves cannot match the price or at least offer you something better for the same price, then don't waste any more time. Simply say you're not interested, walk away and find another travel agent until you find one who is willing to offer you a good deal. You have nothing to lose. After all you always have the cheapest deal that you found online on the printout in your hand to fall back on.